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Imperfect People finding rest in a Perfect Saviour

“People aren’t perfect. People make mistakes, but God doesn’t.”

Claire Roberts

TRUTH BOMB : people aren’t perfect and make mistakes. But God doesn’t.

Some people cancel on you.

Some people don’t return phones calls.

Some people rarely invite you to join them.

Some people struggle to say sorry.

Some people send your calls to voicemail.

Some people say hurtful things.

Some people hold onto grudges.

Some people forget your name.

People are flawed.

All of us at one point or another have made a mistake and done one of the things I mentioned above. I have. While we may have valid reasons for their actions at the time, the stain of what you feel can be lasting.

It can cause you to think God is the same, but He isn’t. Way too often I made God smaller than He was and people bigger than they were!

God is not flawed.

God will NEVER cancel on you.

God will ALWAYS answer when you call His name.

God will ALWAYS invite & include you.

God will NEVER forget your name.

God will ALWAYS forgive and be patient.

God will NEVER say hurtful things, wish you didn’t have to experience pain.

His words and corrections may hurt because it is helping old wounds heal. His desire is always for you to feel loved, not hurt.

I honestly struggled to believe any of this for the majority of my early years, but when I separated God from people it all changed. I started to see who He was in spite of people. I became less angry and more forgiving.

People might make mistakes, but God never will.

Authored by Claire Roberts. Claire is a writer, creator of beautiful candles, and lover of Jesus. She runs her shop and blog out of and has cultivated a beautiful and encouraging Instagram community over at



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