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Lessons of Motherhood

“Motherhood sanctifies me much more than I’d like, but not nearly as much as is necessary”


“Motherhood sanctifies me much more than I’d like, but not nearly as much as is necessary” – Me. All day. Everyday.

Christian mum, “How do we do it all?”

We’ll joke and answer “Jesus and coffee”. But truthfully, it’s His presence in our lives that makes the difference. Jesus isn’t an “add-on”, nor is He just a comforting friend. He’s our advocate, our saviour, our hope, and our future. “When all good things are stripped away, He is still the best thing” (Mary Mohler)

So, what shall I boast about that He has taught me through motherhood?

1. He’s given me His perspective: Motherhood is holy work, but it’s not to be worshipped (nor are our children).

2. Helped me to stop comparing: As a homeschooling mum, my sacrifice is not greater than my husband’s.

3. To be realistic about quiet time. It will likely be interrupted, I keep going anyway.

4. Worldly self-care is toxic: It is possible to pour from an empty ‘mum cup’. When I am weak, He is shown strong.

5. Taught me how to rest well: True soul replenishing rest happens when we worship as created beings who imitate our creator, by creating! For me it’s reading, writing and fellowship with other women (or taking a nap! 😴)

6. Taught me to steward my time well: Our schedules reveal where our hearts are at. Intentionally saying yes and no. Doing what I ought, where I am, without giving the best of myself to others outside of my family. But, also seeking rhythms and habits, which allow me to flourish and grow in Christ, right where I am.

7. Cultivating a life-giving friendship circle. Do you invest in close friendships, connecting on more than just a surface level? He’s taught me a lot about friendship! Mostly, to enter in with the intention to bless another, not selfishly seeking.

8. To spend time creating a lovely home atmosphere and a place to enjoy, and then how to share it through hospitality.

A prayer: Lord Jesus, your mercies are new each day, your tender kindness abounds in all the filthy areas of my heart. Breaking me down, making me new, and more like you. Help me to patiently endure the pruning and painful growing. Create in me a clean heart, Amen



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