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Overwhelmed by my Blessings

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your blessings?

If I’m honest, I’ve been living in a constant state of overwhelm these past three months.

Overwhelmed at the surprise blessing of a precious little baby when I thought that season had passed.

Overwhelmed at the blessing of finally renovating our home – initiated because of the very real need for another bedroom for baby.

Overwhelmed by the blessing of being asked to teach and share my testimony at women’s events and churches when public speaking causes me sweats, nausea and makes my heart race…

Overwhelmed by the blessing of homeschooling my little darlings during this last Melbourne lock-down.

Overwhelmed by the blessing of being a mum to four beautiful girls who look at me like I’m their whole world… because I am and I’m required to act like it, and I often fail.

Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed.

BUT, in those moments when my blessings become very heavy burdens, and I no longer see my blessings as blessings – because in my weak humanness I’ve formed a warped view of my immeasurable blessings – I need only open the word of God and refresh and renew my mind, speaking absolute truth into my soul. Despite how I’m feeling, God brings me back to his truth.

Last night, it was the book of Romans. Sitting in this beautiful rocking chair in what is to be little babies room, rocking back and fourth, gently reminding myself that God gives good gifts. It’s ok that I can’t handle all of my blessings and am feeling overwhelmed, because God doesn’t want me to do it alone – he desires that I rely on his strength, not my own.

Naturally I’m a “doer”. I can often work from a place of self-sufficiency. But i’m beginning to understand that self sufficiency only leaves me overwhelmed by my blessings. While surrendering to the Lord and believing in his good plans for my life, allows me to be truly free and blessed by my blessings.

This room was one of my biggest source of “overwhelming blessings”. But I’ve come to find incredible peace in here. The sunlight streams through the window as I rock back and fourth knowing this is where I’ll hold my son. No longer relying on self, my heart can be happy ❤️



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