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Daughter of Rome

By Tessa Afshar

Shepard God, if you have room in your heart for a wayward sheep, will you fetch me out of this wilderness… help me be yours

– Priscilla, Daughter of Rome

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Book Review

‘Daughter of Rome’ is a story about the redemptive love of Christ. As we learn how much He loves us, His love flows out of us, producing a fruitfulness that enables us to pour into the lives of others. Although set 2,000 years ago, this historical fiction is overflowing with moral and spiritual lessons for us to embrace as believers today as we may ask ourselves, can we be used by God while still a work in progress?

Are we full of shame and regret at our past decisions? Are we proud and believe ourselves better or more spiritual than others? Are we lost, hurting, seeking to belong? We can all find a place among the kingdom of God, and the heroine of the story, Priscilla, shows us that no matter our past, feelings, or anxieties, we can all be used mightily by Him. All the Lord plainly asks of us is faithful obedience right where we are, and a spirit willing to trust – He will do the rest.

Set in Rome, we journey alongside Priscilla and Aquila as they meet, fall in love, marry, and begin their ministry of sharing the gospel with the gentiles. Full of adventure, peril, and romance, this story truly brings to life the lives of two of the Bible’s faithful heroes who let God use them where they were to share His message of love with those around them.

“They prayed as those who are a glorious crown on Christ’s brow, an outward sign of his victory, his power, and his kingship. In the world, they were merchants and workers of leather. Ordinary men and women. In the light of heaven, they had become warriors, princes, and queens wielding a sword that only God could craft” (p164).

As you read this book, you’ll be encouraged to evangelise right where you are as an ‘ordinary’ person. This story reminds us that trusting and obeying God produces fruitfulness, and from our fruitfulness and joy in the Lord, we willingly share our faith, trusting God to pour out His Spirit to those around us who do not yet believe. Through God’s love, we can be a part of, and witness, the transformation of lives.

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