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By Brittany Eden

“The door of my heart is finally found… I know who I am. I am loved.”

– Elizabeth Rhodes

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Book Summary


Young Adult Fiction, Fairytale Romance, Classic’s Reimagined


Mental Health, Healing, Creativity, Mother-Daughter Relationships, Regret, Secrets, Fear of Rejection, Redemption, Misunderstandings


13-18 years


Elizabeth Rhodes is a gifted pencil artist whose tender and fragile soul can see into another’s heart. Having caught a glimpse of something beautiful or wicked, her eye for detail expertly crafts an image of doors, keys, flowers, and mystery – all wrapped up in the image of a heart. While Elizabeth has drawn the hearts of others, she has never drawn her own, and amidst her mental illness and the sinister secrets she’s kept hidden since her seventh birthday, she doesn’t know if her heart holds more darkness than light.

Elizabeth is not only concealing her true identity under the artistic pseudonym Briar Rose – a name she inherited from her beloved aunt on her deathbed – but she is also concealing a truth that has tormented her for over 10 years from the boy she has always loved. When Philanthropist Madame Penelope commissions Elizabeth’s new series, Hearts, Elizabeth finds herself down a rabbit hole! Whether she allows the truth to set her free and break the curse or allows the darkness to consume her, is a journey she must take. But she is not alone, the boy who never grew up – the endearing mad hatter friend of her adolescence –  holds the key to opening her heart.

This is a journey about discovering truth – the truth about ourselves, others, and the world – and becoming whole and healed. Amidst the turmoil and darkness, we find ourselves surrounded by, Hearts asks the question, “How can the heart survive?”, and endeavors to answer through a whimsical collision of the classic books we love, endearing and clean romance, and vivid storytelling that is rich in hope and light. 

Content Warning:

This content warning contains spoilers!!!

Mental Illness (anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and depression), parental death and abandonment, murder (revealed years later, not graphic).

Clean Romance (kisses only)

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