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Holy Hygge

By Jamie Erickson

“Hygge appeals to our desire for slow living and shared moments. It embraces beauty and contentment. It’s warm and inviting. Hygge is the opposite of hustle. It embraces simplicity. Hygge is a way of making home.”

– Jamie Erickson

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Book Review

In Holy Hygge, Jamie Erickson leans into the cozy Danish way of life – Hygge [HYOO-guh], a cultural liturgy that values slow rhythms, simple pleasures, savoured moments and deep friendships – and beautifully weaves these practices alongside the Christian faith. Although Hygge is essentially secular, Jamie shows how the seven tenets of Hygge; Hospitality, Thriving Relationships, Atmosphere, Comfort, Contentment and Rest, are qualities seen first in the Garden of Eden through Christ’s example.  

Although Hygge is a temporary fix – a bandaid and not an infinite source of lasting comfort or joy – by bringing Holy and Hygge together, we can practically reshape an atmosphere and learn how to live more contentedly, service-focused, and joy-filled lives.

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