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King of the Golden River 

By John Ruskin

“Young flowers opened suddenly along the riversides… and thus the Treasure Valley became a garden again, and the inheritance which had been lost by cruelty was regained by love.”

– John Ruskin

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Book Summary


Fairy Tale, Fable, Myth, Parable


Love, Kindness, Patient Endurance, Goodness over Evil


6 – 11 years


Three brothers who dwell in Treasure Valley are unexpectedly visited by the King of the Golden River and the Southwest Wind, Esquire. Due to harsh and unwelcome treatment, the brother’s plentiful land becomes barren. Setting out on a quest to restore their land to its former glory, the brothers attempt one by one to succeed. The two older wicked brothers fail, becoming ghastly stones. While the younger, kind-hearted and selfless brother passes the tests and the valley is restored.

This is a story about the power of love and kindness, providing moral lessons and wisdom for righteous living and a caution against selfishness.

Content Warning:

Magic, The two wicked brothers are turned into stones at the end of the story.

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