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Let There Be Art

By Rachel Marie Kang

“Jesus created. Jesus also repaired. The act of creating does more than create things. It restores things. It calms things. It heals things. It saves things. It lets light into our lives, and it pushes back darkness. This Jesus, this light of the world, cannot be taken lightly, and neither can our call to be like Him.”

– Rachel Marie Kang (Let There Be Art)

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Book Review

Rachel’s book starts and ends with our creative God creating. Displaying His goodness and marvellous works, bringing light into existence and pushing the darkness back. Essentially, the essence of this book is answering the questions surrounding ‘Why do we create?’ And is it okay to create when the world seems to be in utter chaos? Can the works of our hands even be called art if we’re not a professional? And ultimately, Do others even need our art?

Rachel answers our questions through storytelling, testimony, poetry, scripture, song and prayer, declaring that we must make our art. She permits us to savour and relish every sweet, precious, sun-drenched, good, lovely and perfectly extraordinary, ordinary moment. To feel these moments deeply, even when they’re dark ones, and from those moments, which are both imperfectly perfect and dreadful, allow our busy and distracted hearts to pause long enough to create something truly beautiful. As we imitate our creator by creating, through rhythms of work, rest, and play, we share our inmost being through our art, and in the process, we heal, find joy, connect with others, and give glory to the Lord.

Each chapter follows the same rhythm; A quote, storytelling, prayer, prompts, practices and pieces, and the book ends with praise for God – the Light of the world.

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