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Listen Love Repeat

By Karen Ehman

“Hearing a heart drop is an art we must lovingly cultivate. It can lead to the most wonderful times of encouragement as we make it our habit to listen and to love.”

– Karen Ehman

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Book Review

In our self-centred “crazy busy” world, what might it look like to live alert to others? Karen Ehman’s book, Listen, Love, Repeat; Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World, brings new life to the familiar concept of putting others before ourselves.

Coining the beautiful term ‘Heart Drop’, Karen explains how people in our lives may directly or indirectly give us a sneak peek into their hearts through words, words left unsaid, and feelings. If we are ready and willing, we can catch these ‘heart drops’ and live a life that truly blesses others.

By forming Christ-honouring relationships, giving ourselves and our time, being thankful and noticing those who serve us, tending to and being a listening ear to the sick at heart, opening our homes, and loving the unlovable, we ultimately show Jesus to a hurting world.

“In our narcissistic and self-absorbed culture, other-centered behaviour stands out. Way out” (p45).

With this simple and practical guide, let yourself be encouraged to stand out from the crowd and role model what it truly looks like to Listen, Love, and then Repeat.

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