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Once Upon A Wardrobe

By Patti Callahan

“I know you think the whole world is held together by some math formula… But I’ve thought about this a lot, and I think the world is held together by stories.”

– George Devonshire

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Book Review

If you could have one question answered before you died, what would it be? For George Devonshire, his heart desires to seek and find the truth about where his beloved Narnia came from, and his sister Megs is just the person he needs to help make his dream a reality before his time in this world is gone. 

‘Once Upon a Wardrobe’ is an enchanting story about a sick little boy, his doting older sister, the marvellous C. S. Lewis, and a captivating journey to pursue the origins of Narnia. As Megs gathers the courage to speak with Lewis and ask him the questions George has begged her to find the answers to, an unlikely friendship between them blossoms. Lewis – who knows not the exact origin of Narnia – delves into exploring his past with Megs, sharing profound stories from his childhood. Although not all of Lewis’ memories are happy ones, each memory ultimately weaves together a bigger story and captures a glimpse of something magical, something of Narnia, something of the true Hope we all have access to.

If you’ve enjoyed the Narnia books and were fond of Patti Callahan’s ‘Becoming Mrs Lewis’ novel, you will be charmed by ’Once Upon A Wardrobe’. It is a lovely and tender story, radiating the beauty Narnia has brought to countless lives and the true Hope it represents for us all.

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