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Prince Caspian

By C. S. Lewis

“You have listened to fears, Child… Come, let me breathe on you. Forget them. Are you brave again?”

– Aslan

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Book Summary


Children’s Literature, Fiction, Fantasy, Series


Bravery, Friendship, Hope, Gluttony, Good vs. Evil, Family, Overcoming


6 years +


The Pevensies have returned home after a previous adventure in Narnia, and are trying to adapt to normal life during World War II. Suddenly, when Susan’s Narnian horn is blown, they are summoned back to a very different Narnia than what they remember.

In his desperation to defeat his treacherous uncle Miraz, who doesn’t want him to take his rightful place as King, Prince Caspian was encouraged to blow Susan’s horn by Trufflehunter, and this has summoned the Pevensies to Caspian’s aid.  

With the help of the Narnians and the Pevensie children, Prince Caspian goes to battle against his uncle. However, they are unsuccessful and become desperate as they are trapped in “Aslan’s How”, a hilly mound covering the stone table where Aslan was sacrificed.

Peter challenges Miraz to single combat while the others seek additional help, ultimately finding Aslan. Peter defeats Miraz, but the Telmarine Lords claim that he cheated and commanded their armies to attack. The Narnians fight bravely and defeat the Telmarines when Aslan comes to their aid along with Bacchus and Silenus, gods of the woods. The defeated Telmarines are given the choice to return to Earth or become subjects to King Caspian. The Pevensies return home, Susan and Peter knowing that they will never return to Narnia.

This is a tale of courage, chivalry, and the restoration of true faith and belief after corruption.

Content Warning:

Mild Violence, Betrayal.

While it may be tempting as parents to reveal to our children that Aslan may be seen as a “Christ figure”, we encourage you to allow your children to discover who Aslan might be for themselves. They may surprise you by connecting the dots themselves!

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