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The Green Ember (Book #1)

By S. D. Smith

“My place beside you, my blood for yours. Till the Green Ember rises, or the end of the world.”

– S. D. Smith

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Series


Friendship, Family, Grief and Loss, Hope, Redemption, Bitterness


8 -12 years


Heather and Picket are young rabbits who live a quiet and ordinary life in their elm tree home in the meadow of Nick Hollow. They dwell with their parents and baby brother, and enjoy hearing tales from their father about King Jupiter and other heroic rabbits from the past.

A storm suddenly blows in from the forbidden East wood, bringing with it foreboding and a malicious wolf pack bent on utter desolation of the meadow and the rabbits who live there. Within moments, Heather and Picket are orphaned and running for their lives as Redeye Garlackson, a wicked wolf, pursues them with evil intent.

In an incredible feat of courage and determination, Heather and Picket survive and are eventually rescued by their Uncle Wilfred. However, everything they have always known is gone.

Uncle Wilfred and a brave White Rabbit take Heather and Picket to seek refuge in Cloud Mountain and to Heather’s surprise, not everyone openly welcomes them. Amidst whispers of treachery, rebellion, tyranny and war, Heather must seek the answers to the questions that haunt her. Who can she trust? Who is the true heir of King Jupiter? Why did her family live so far away in Nick Hollow? Were her parents traitors? And, where is her place in the world? 

This is a story that focuses our gaze on the unseen hope of a bright future. Dwelling in the tension of the now-but-not-yet, the rabbits of Cloud Mountain live faithful lives, believing in King Jupiter’s vision of the Mended Wood. The rabbit’s role model courage, resilience, fruitful fellowship with one another, and display sacrificial love. This tale beautifully echoes the greatest story ever told and reminds the reader of the very real hope we have in Heaven.

Content Warning:

The young Longtreader rabbits become orphaned during a wolf invasion. It’s mentioned that they’re parents and baby brother are either captive or dead. The wolves are cruel and may scare young or sensitive readers. Being a story about the battles between good and evil, there is age-appropriate violence and talk about war.

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