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The Sound of Light

By Sarah Sundin

“Don’t you see, by not opposing the Germans, we’re effectively allying with them? Isn’t that a greater evil? Isn’t that worth risking our comfort and safety?”

– Sarah Sundin (The Sound of Light)

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Book Review

Paths cross between freedom fighters Henrik and Else during the German takeover of Denmark in the 1940s. Henrick, known as ‘Hemming’, works undercover at his father’s shipping yard, assisting with espionage and secretly transporting documents to Sweden via his row boat. His daring sacrifice for the Resistance earns him the famous title ‘The Havmand’.

American physicist Dr. Else Jensen uses her resources at the lab as an opportunity to print resistance newspapers. She hears stories of the movement’s legendary Havmand but never dreams the quiet, simple, but kind ‘Hemming’ who lodges at the boarding house with herself and her best friend Laila, is him!

When the Occupation cracks down on the Danes, Henrick and Else must learn to trust one another and work together to help rescue the Jewish community in Denmark. 

This story is about “ordinary people responding to extraordinary circumstances with faith, fortitude, and hope for a brighter future.”

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