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The Well-Watered Woman

By Gretchen Saffles

Becoming a Well-Watered Woman for the glory of God doesn’t happen by accident, and it won’t happen overnight; it takes time, discipline, and surrender. It’s an inside-out, upside-down process – and it’s the way to abundant life

– Gretchen Saffles

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Book Review

In this beautiful and profound book, Gretchen Saffles paints a faith-filled masterpiece of the Well-Watered Woman; a woman rooted in truth, growing in grace, and flourishing in faith. Many Christian women long to be her, yet feel as though they are constantly falling short. 

Through personal stories of the ‘Thirsty Woman” – stories many of us are sure to relate to – Gretchen describes the daily, ordinary and heart-wrenching challenges many Christian women endure as they try with all their might to walk faithfully with Jesus. Yet through distorted truth, works over faith and misunderstood grace, we are often left feeling dishevelled, burnt out or unworthy. Taking these very real everyday life struggles and refocusing our gaze upon Jesus, His finished works, His well of living water, and ultimately our hope in heaven, Gretchen works with the Holy Spirit to preach essential truths to our feminine hearts. This process helps us realise that we can be – we are – the Well-Watered Woman through Christ Jesus who paid it all for us to live abundantly and blessed with everlasting joy and hope in our Saviour.

“Life apart from Christ is a life of less”. – Gretchen Saffles

Friend, abiding in Jesus – not just on Sundays – but every day, every hour, and every minute – is the way to living as a Well-Watered Woman. And it is not only for your benefit but for the benefit of a broken world that needs to see you radiating the heart of Jesus.

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