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The Wonderland Trials

By Sara Ella

“I didn’t feel like Alice—the Normal girl destined for ordinary things someone else planned. Instead, I held the power to unlock my own destiny.”

– Alice Liddell

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Book Summary


Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Series


Friendship, Family, Self-Discovery, Fear, Imagination, Adventure


13 years +


Alice Liddell is an orphan teenage girl living in a futuristic England with her sister Charlotte. Since the Great Divide, people and realities have split; ‘Normals’ inhabit the tech-free and highly controlled England, and ‘Wonders’ reside primarily in the alternative Reality of Wonderland, which exists alongside England. Alice is Normal but craves more; she craves Wonder!

Alice would gladly swap her mediocre card-playing, pickpocketing existence to enter the mysterious Wonder Trials, a game whereby competitors solve puzzles involving magic and trickery for a chance at glory and the crown of Wonderland. The only problem is that Alice does not have the Wonder Gene, which grants entrance to the curious Wonderland Reality where the games occur.  

When her sister Charlotte is kidnapped, and her housecat Dinah transforms into a Wonder, Alice realises her life and past are not as mediocre as she’d thought. Alice must unlock the elusive Wonderland Reality, enter the trials, and discover her past – and future!

This story is about identity, mystery, overcoming fear, and the wonders of a topsy-turvy and whimsical world that brilliantly echoes Carol Lewis’ Wonderland! 

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