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The Words Between Us

By Erin Bartels

“The only things I had ever created that had cost me some essential part of myself were the poems I’d written for Peter…”

– Robin Windsor, The Words Between Us

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Book Review

“Erin Bartels has created a story that feels more like a memory, something I lived, than a piece of fiction. If you are a person who finds meaning and life in the written word, then you’ll find yourself hidden among these pages” – Shaun Smucker

Capturing some of the beauty and living nature of classic literature, as well as the angst expressed through free-spoken poetry, Erin has brilliantly knit together a dual timeline story of Robin Windsor’s life. Robin is a young girl whose friends live in books, whose heart opens only while she puts pen to paper, and whose life has been turned upside down as her father awaits execution, having been found guilty of three counts of murder.

After going into hiding, changing her name, and trying to begin again, Robin soon realises that she cannot simply create an interesting ‘backstory’ for herself and move on, her past is always chasing her. Even as an adult, running her bookstore, people, books and events from the past continue to resurface and demand her attention, action, and understanding before she can attempt to live and be free.

A book about books with richly developed characters who come alive through delightful prose, “The Words Between Us” is a unique and not-to-be-missed fiction that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page.

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