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By Esther Ahmad

“God is not like Allah and Jesus is not like Muhammad… God invites us to come to him, but we have to be honest ad confess our sins to him. We are all sinners and we all need saving, but the love of Jesus is big enough to bring us in.”

– Esther Ahmad

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Book Review

Unveiled is the heartbreaking, shocking, and incredible true story of Esther Ahmad’s journey from a recruited suicide bomber to a faithful declaring Christian. Raised in a toxic, extremist, Islamic community, Esther grew up believing martyrdom was her only hope for avoiding hell and receiving recognition from her father; who, like Muhammad, ruled the women in his life through fear and abuse.

“Esther examines a world in which women have no rights, no worth, no voice-and she shows how the treatment of Muslim women is linked directly to Islamic teachings.”

As Esther shares her journey, reveals horrifying stories from her past and delves into the differences between the Qur’an and the Bible, she ultimately seeks to uncover and answer the question; “What is a woman worth?”

Although this book is challenging to read at times – due to the stories of shocking abuse and violence – it is not a book that should be missed. Every woman should read this book and discover the incredible love and worth we have as women, made in the image of our gentle and lowly saviour. It will give you a fresh and powerful sense of overwhelming gratitude towards Jesus, knowing He does in fact treasure our womanhood.

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