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By Favel Parrett

“Most Humans do not understand us. It seems like Humans often kill things they don’t understand – things they are frightened of.”

– Ebony, Wandi

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Book Summary


Australian Literature, Children’s Fiction


Friendship, Belonging, Change, Hope, Conservation


6 – 9 years


High up in the mountains, a young alpine dingo cub lived a peaceful life learning the rules of life from his mama and papa. One day, he is picked up by an eagle, carried far away and dropped in a suburban garden. The young cub was injured and alone.

The human who found him was nothing like the humans his papa described. He was kind and instantly loved. Whilst the cub dearly missed his family and his mountain home, a new life beckons, a life that would make him the most famous dingo in the world.

Truth Behind the Story: Wandi was a tiny, five-week-old dingo cub who became a worldwide sensation overnight when he appeared to have been dropped by an eagle in a backyard miles from his home. It was discovered that Wandi is a pure Alpine dingo, and his ecotype is rapidly facing extinction. Wandi now lives with many fellow dingoes at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre and has his own Instagram account with followers worldwide. Wandi is a fictional retelling of Wandi’s story.

Content Warning:

Wandi is written by an Indigenous Australian and the opening and closing paragraphs refer to the Aboriginal Dreamtime creation stories.

This book review by:

Bec is a devoted wife and mother to three beautiful children. She has dedicated her life to teaching little learners in Primary school and is a kind, compassionate and loving friend.

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