Tag: Changing Perspective

  • Of Literature & Lattes

    Of Literature & Lattes

    Right in the mix of books and story, with her two best friends beside her, she got to create art – and through art she found herself. – Janet

  • Growing in Gratitude

    Growing in Gratitude

    “If every good thing he has given were to vanish, we would still be safe in Christ – and our basis for gracious gratitude would have no reason to be changed at all.” – Mary K. Mohler

  • Catching Christmas

    Catching Christmas

    “This time with Callie hasn’t been wasted. My life is changed from knowing her. It’s changed from knowing Sydney. It’s changed from brushing against Jesus, who orchestrated a do-over for me.” – FINN PARISH

  • The Best of Ourselves

    The Best of Ourselves

    Why don’t we instead take these daily frustrations to God? We may find that when we first take everything to God in prayer, that we do not actually need to off-load to those we love so fiercely and freely. – Renee Emerson