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  • The Christmas Compass

    The Christmas Compass

    Young Kaatjie learns powerful lessons about generosity, friendship and hospitality in this beautiful Dutch family Christmas story.

  • Closer Than A Sister

    Closer Than A Sister

    “We are one of those countless stars in the sky, a grain of sand on the seashore that together make up the people of God.” – Christina Fox

  • The Good Gift of Friendship

    The Good Gift of Friendship

    “Like all good gifts, Christian friendship is to be sought and stewarded with wisdom and grace” ~ Jen Wilkin

  • Opening Our Homes

    Opening Our Homes

    One aspect of running a women’s Bookclub which fills my heart with gladness is the opportunity to intentionally cultivate and maintain at atmosphere of welcome, love, joy and peace within my home. I’ve learnt over the years that anyone can create a beautiful display home style house… but unless we’ve welcomed the Holy Spirit into…