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  • My Refuge

    My Refuge

    Four Girls from Around the World, Imprisoned by Circumstances but Pursued by Hope By Ashley Al Saliby “Maybe I will die tomorrow, but what will I do with today?… It’s like David said in Psalms. In the face of evil what do we do? We trust the Lord and do good.” Download our BTB Book…

  • The Girl on the Tube

    The Girl on the Tube

    This is a touching and relatable story about growing up, finding a place to belong and learning to embrace our lives, even through the unexpected.

  • Wormwood Abbey: The Secrets of Ormdale, Book 1

    Wormwood Abbey: The Secrets of Ormdale, Book 1

    “Wormwood Abbey is a cosy gothic novel of mystery, dragons, and the perils of friendship; the first in a new five-book series”

  • Mansfield Park

    Mansfield Park

    This is a witty novel, that is rich in social commentary and explores themes of social class, morality, and womens roles in society and the story satisfying concludes with every character getting their “just deserts”.

  • Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess

    Enola Holmes: The Case of the Missing Marquess

    By Nancy Springer “But meanwhile, as she looks at the newspaper clipping, her rather long and angular face softens, rendered almost beautiful, by a smile: for she knows that in the secret code of flowers, a rose of any sort signifies love.” – Nancy Springer Download our BTB Book Club Guide for girls – FREE…

  • Persuasion


    “We do not forget you, so soon as you forget us. It is perhaps our fate rather than our merit. We cannot help ourselves.” – Anne Elliot

  • Not A Tame Lion

    Not A Tame Lion

    “By his words and his life, Lewis demonstrated the power of a life touched by a deep intellectual commitment to the truth of the gospel, and of an imagination energised by the glory of the Christian vision of reality.”

  • The Star That Always Stays

    The Star That Always Stays

    “This tender coming-of-age story about an introspective and brilliant Native American heroine thoughtfully addresses assimilation, racism, and divorce, as well as everygirl problems like first crushes, making friends, and the joys and pains of a blended family.”