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  • Not A Tame Lion

    Not A Tame Lion

    “By his words and his life, Lewis demonstrated the power of a life touched by a deep intellectual commitment to the truth of the gospel, and of an imagination energised by the glory of the Christian vision of reality.”

  • Not A Tame Lion

    Not A Tame Lion

    “The legacy Lewis left behind is a rich one indeed – a long list of books, which not only show evidence of a firm commitment to orthodoxy, but also a scintillating wit, a logical mind, and an ever-fresh imagination. He was a man who surrendered to God, was in love with life, and was ready…

  • Help for the Hungry Soul

    Help for the Hungry Soul

    “From the garden throughout the generations, God’s word h has told us the tale of the human soul: our wholehearted hunger for the creator, our terrible plunge into starvation, and our countless attempts to fix and fill ourselves with anything but true bread.”

  • The Thrill of Orthodoxy

    The Thrill of Orthodoxy

    “The way forward is to reach back, to find renewal in something old – foundational truths tested by time, a fount of goodness that refreshes and satisfies, long forgotten beauty from the past that lifts our eyes above the suffering and sorrow of the present… What the church needs today is to recapture the thrill…

  • Jesus Through the Eyes of Women

    Jesus Through the Eyes of Women

    “The four New Testament Gospels tell multiple stories of Jesus relating to women. Poor women. Rich women. Sick women. Grieving women. Old women. Young girls. Jewish women. Gentile women. Women known for their sinfulness. Women known for their virtue. Virgins and widows. Prostitutes and prophetesses. Looking through their eyes, we see a man who valued…

  • When Striving Cease

    When Striving Cease

    “We say we trust that Jesus is enough, but we spend our lives trying to prove that we are, instead.”

  • A Brief Theology of Periods

    A Brief Theology of Periods

    “This book is for women who bleed and women who have stopped; it’s for you if you hate your period and struggle through every one, and it’s for you if you breeze through your period and have never really given it a second thought.” Rachel jones

  • Holier Than Thou

    Holier Than Thou

    “The book you hold in your hands was forged through time and trial. Jackie paid to write this book. Something of her weariness leaks through its pages. None of us come to love God deeply, to see God clearly without first having an awakening to our internal depravity which can lead to a fuller appreciation…