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Busyness; the false ‘god’ the World Worships

“Busyness is often the fruit of good intentions”


It’s very hard to strike the perfect balance between busy and idle, especially as Christian women who wholeheartedly desire to serve the Lord and our communities. But we must remember we cannot do everything well, sometimes we must choose to say no to good things, to be able to say yes to the right things.

But what are the “right” things? The answer is simple – a balance of kingdom work, rest and play. Do we have a healthy balance of these things? How can we know? Often to find where our heart is at, we can simply check our calendars and see what it is we are pouring our energy into. You may find that you are too idle and have an excess of play time, or that you are striving in your kingdom work and making rest impossible.

It’s easy to neglect the things of the Lord by allowing the more seemingly pressing tasks of the day to take over. There is a very real spiritual warfare present as the enemy tricks us into thinking other things are more important then prayer, reading our Bibles and going to church. Idleness can be a symptom of believing rest comes from “zoning out” instead of plugging into the Lord who is our source of strength.

To ensure we have a healthy balance of work, rest and play we can start by remembering ‘busyness’ is a false God that the world worships – but we do not have too. We can put aside quality time for those who are dear to us (our children, husband, church family) as well as being willing to serve others with our time. Most importantly we can put aside intentional time to sit in the presence of our God, who fills up our tanks, nourishes our souls and provides for our every need. 🌸

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