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  • Beautiful and Terrible Things

    Beautiful and Terrible Things

    “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” – Frederick Buechner

  • The Head, the Heart and the Home

    The Head, the Heart and the Home

    “By a delightful stroke of God’s providence, the English language bears witness to a husband’s job description in the very word husband. For a husband is a man who practices husbandry, or cultivation. Like a master gardener, his job is to so nurture and tend to his wife that she brings forth flowers. We should…

  • Is Perspective Really Everything?

    Is Perspective Really Everything?

    Life is hard right now. I’ve heard it said, “perspective is everything”. I disagree. Perspective is important, but FAITH is everything. We can’t change our perspective by simply willing ourselves to be happy or just trying to look on the brighter side of life, especially while life is so hard. BUT, we can have a…

  • Developing Resilient Faith: Part 2

    Developing Resilient Faith: Part 2

    “God wants us more than He wants anything that we may do or say for Him. He seeks after us so that we can be in relationship with Him and He will use anything and everything to achieve that. So even if we can’t yet consider it pure joy when we face trials – choose…

  • Developing Resilient Faith: Part 1

    Developing Resilient Faith: Part 1

    “Maybe you’re asking; How do you choose life when your circumstances are telling you anything but? When you’re exhausted and you just don’t know if you’re strong enough. My friend, I hear you. I am no stranger to grief and loss, fear and doubt and disappointment. I don’t write about this topic because it’s a…

  • What are we Watering?

    What are we Watering?

    Whatever we water in the souls of our hearts will certainly grow. And if we water these “weeds” in the garden of our souls, they will certainly take over and devastate the crop of faith, love, thankfulness, grace, and joy. GRETCHEN SAFFLES What are the “weeds” that we are unintentionally watering, nurturing or planting in…

  • Finding True Joy

    Finding True Joy

    I am not speaking about happiness here. There is a distinct difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is a quality or a state of being happy. It is a very fleeting emotion. It is based on your fortune, circumstances in life and people centric experiences. Joy however is an emotion of great delight caused by…

  • What We’re Leaving Behind

    What We’re Leaving Behind

    How grateful I am to the Lord, that he interfered and giving me a good vision for my life. He gave me new hope and aspirations for my motherhood journey, my career (from ex zookeeper to homeschooling mum!), and my passion for women’s ministry – and then not only did he plant those dreams and…