Category: Friendship

  • The Gift of Imagination

    The Gift of Imagination

    Friends, when we compare our circumstances to one another, when we decide in our heart that “we have it harder”, and when we choose to judge others or become apathetic towards a struggling friend – we are simply not loving them. Let’s be a sisterhood that chooses love. Let’s learn to obey the powerful instruction…

  • Faithful Friendships

    Faithful Friendships

    Friends, we need to ask ourselves a few things. Will we die to ourselves? Will we take up our cross and love our friends in the way which Jesus first role modelled loving friendship to us? Will we say no to gossip, judgement, unforgiveness and drama with the help of Christ? Will we sacrificially love…

  • The Good Gift of Friendship

    The Good Gift of Friendship

    “Like all good gifts, Christian friendship is to be sought and stewarded with wisdom and grace” ~ Jen Wilkin

  • The Right Kind of Confidence

    The Right Kind of Confidence

    Let’s chat about confidence today. As Christian women, what kind of confidence should we exude?

  • Making a list

    Making a list

    Being an overly ambitious person, making lists is a habit I let go of long ago – lest the list control my life. But there is one list I’ll never regret making and that was the “perfect friend list”. I longingly sent this list up to the Lord in prayer as a lonely hurting woman…

  • Shine Bright

    Shine Bright

    “We are one of those countless stars in the sky, a grain of sand on the seashore that together make up the people of God” – Christina Fox