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Does she really have it all together?

God designed our hearts to crave wholeness in Him. When we’re aligned with Christ’s heart, we are whole and thirst nothing of the world. His heart shines through us. When we stray from Christ’s heart, our insecurities and fear rear their ugly heads. Symptoms of this can include things like comparing our lives and our journey with others as a way to seek worldy gratification and reassurance that we’re OK.

Ever heard the words muttered, or even said to yourself “Does she really have it all together!?”

Most of us at some stage or another have asked this question either in our hearts or behind someone’s back.

The answer is; of course not! We’re all broken women, waiting for our Lord to come and restore our bodies, hearts and minds.

The Christian walk allows us to experience joy, peace and freedom from our burdens and brokenness when we walk closely with Christ.

Because of this, to others that aren’t OK, it can seem as if we “have it all together”. But the truth is that we’ve just handed it all over to Jesus. He has it all together, and we’re just coasting off His “all togetherness”.

So despite the storms, the heart ache, the need for comparison and the weariness that life wants to throw at us, we can look at that sister in Christ who seems to have it all together and be humbled. Her life is no less messed up then ours, her children tantrum and her beloved husband drives her nuts sometimes. However, she radiates heaven amongst it all because she’s choosing to find wholeness in her maker, and you can too!

So maybe instead of asking ourselves, “Does she really have it all together”, we can take our heavy burdens and messy lives and transfer them into Jesus’ careful hands – knowing His “all togetherness” can flow through our own lives too.


Today’s encouragement was co-authored by one of our fabulous Bookclub Kit Editors Kathleen Emerson @k4t_hleen

photo credit @thewillowsphotography



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