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Is Anything Really Free?

I recently had someone influential in my life suggest that instead of offering the Blossoming through Books “Bookclub Kit” resources for free, that I should charge a small fee. Complementing the beauty, effort, and value of these resources for book clubs, she said that I should honour my time and hard work and charge for them – because, after all, “people do not value what is free”. 

It made me pause and think, is this the case? Would I have more success promoting my resources if I charged a fee for them? Would people suddenly believe they were worth more if they came with a price attached?

I suppose they might – yet my heart for women’s ministry faithfully believes that the Lord will bless this sacrifice of time, money, and effort, and get these resources – for free – into the hands of those who need them.

When I pondered the question on a deeper level though, it caused me to think of Jesus’ free gift to us. The greatest sacrifice ever made and indisputably the most remarkable and loving gift on offer to all people – is our salvation through Christ’s sacrifice. And what does it cost us? Nothing! It’s FREE!

No amount of good works, religiosity, or bargaining will result in our salvation; it is freely offered to those who believe with their hearts and declare with their mouth that Jesus is Lord and saviour.

So, my friend wasn’t wrong. People do not value free things. Even though this amazing gift is offered for free, some still try and bargain their way into heaven through ritual and deed. And for those who blatantly disregard this free gift, no amount of unbelief will make this gift untrue. Sadly, they are all so mistaken.

Yet, how tender and kind is our Lord Jesus that those who seek him wholeheartedly will find him. He draws the broken, downtrodden, and oppressed to himself, and provides them with this free gift of abundant eternal life. 

If we let Him, He corrects our wrong thinking. His Holy Spirit reveals to us the treasure of this free gift, convicts our hearts of the value of this free gift, and throughout the journey, compels us to share the message about this free gift – so others may believe and be saved.

So, do people value what’s free? Well, no, not usually. But just as the Lord draws people to Himself, offers His sacrifice freely and transforms hearts to receive Him, so to will He direct those I hope to reach with these free resources. I need only have faith and believe in His goodness for this ministry, and these free resources will be received by those who need it.

Finally, we must never forget that although this gift of salvation costs us nothing, “Salvation cost Jesus His life and cost God His own Son” (Kristen Schmucker). This gift is the greatest treasure of our hearts, so lets continue to share the knowledge of this gift with others. For myself, it’s often through this humble little women’s ministry and daily acts of obedience while raising my four little girls (and soon to be baby boy!). How are you sharing knowledge of this treasured gift with others? I’d love to know!



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