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Making a list

Being an overly ambitious person, making lists is a habit I let go of long ago – lest the list control my life. But there is one list I’ll never regret making and that was the “perfect friend list”. I longingly sent this list up to the Lord in prayer as a lonely hurting woman who was deeply desiring a REAL friendship focused on a mutual love of Christ.

I won’t get into the specifics, but I was very specific with God. In my unbelief I thought to myself, “if this person could just be a Christian I’d be thrilled”.

So often, despite our unbelief, the Lord comes through for us in ways which exceed even our imagined “best case scenario”. To my surprise, every request I had made in my “perfect friend list” was met. My heavy heart became light with awe inspired faith and the laughter that this dear friend bought into my life.

We must always remember that God is not a genie who grants our every wish. Yet, when our prayers align with His will and are intended for His glory, the Lord truly does delight in answering our prayers – even beyond what we had hoped, dreamed or imagined.

Since then I’ve learnt a lot about friendship; firstly that there are no perfect friends besides Jesus. But also that with Jesus at the centre, you can truly enjoy and thrive within an imperfect and occasionally messy friendship with another follower of Jesus.

These days I enjoy many wonderful friendships. Each unique and special in their own way – but all with one thing in common; Christ is at the centre!


Sweet friends, we were designed to live in community with our sisters in Christ. If you are in need of a Christ-centred friendship with a sister, don’t let another moment go by without asking the Lord to provide. You were made for community and ‘God sets the lonely in families’ Psalm 68:6

If you don’t know where to start, may I suggest a good book, a group of women, coffee and JESUS 🙏 ☕️ 📚

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