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A Place to Belong

By Megan Hill

“At first glance, ‘the house of God’ is unremarkable: a regular gathering of ordinary people committed to a largely invisible mission… But the Church has more beauty – and more value – than we can see with our physical eyes.”

– Megan Hill

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Book Summary


Non- Fiction, Spiritual Growth


The Body of Christ, Belonging, Hospitality, Servanthood, Spiritual Gifts


13 + years

About the Book:

‘A Place to Belong’ is a theologically rich love letter and testimony to the church’s beauty, value, and essential nature as heaven’s outpost. The church is beautiful and necessary because the church is not just a building but “the people of God, the dwelling place of the Spirit, and the fullness of Christ.”

Megan delves into nine biblical terms for the body of Christ, enlightening us and demonstrating how the church is where we all belong;

•          Beloved: Loving the People God Loves

•          Called: Our One Testimony

•          Church: We Gather to Worship

•          Flock: Receiving Care from Our Shepherd

•          Body: No Unimportant Parts

•          Saints: Holiness Is a Community Project

•          Brothers and Sisters: Members of the Family

•          Gospel Partners: We Have Work to Do

•          Multitude: Part of Something Bigger

Content Warning:

Conservative approach to women’s roles within the Church.

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