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A Place to Hang the Moon

By Kate Albus

“William, Edmund, and Anna knew, somewhere deep in the place where we know things that we cannot say aloud, that they had never lived in the sort of home one reads about in stories – one of warmth and affection and certainty in the knowledge that someone believes you hung the moon.”                   

– Kate Albus, A Place to Hang the Moon

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Historical


Family, War, Perseverance, Belonging, Power of Stories


9 -12 years


During World War II, three orphaned siblings from London are relocated to the countryside in a plot formed by their solicitor to help them find their “place to hang the moon”. The children desire a permanent home to belong to after the death of their grandmother leaves them with no one to take care of them.

This story is about the comfort and hope found in a book, family, perseverance, and, most importantly, finding a place to belong.

content warning

The children are bullied, there’s a fight where someone gets punched, and the children are neglected and verbally abused (mildly but still quite sad) at a home they are sent to for care.

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