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Bambi: A Life in the Woods

By Felix Salten

“Bambi was inspired, and said trembling ‘There is Another who is over us all, over us and over Him.’.”

– Felix Salten

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Book Summary


Children’s Literature, Fiction, Novel


Family, Love, Nature, Grief, Hope, Beauty, Loss


8 -12 years


When Bambi is a young fawn, he is in awe of the beauty that surrounds him in the forest. He spends his time alongside his beloved mother; leaping and playing joyfully in the open green meadow and watching the butterflies float around like flying flowers. However, as Bambi begins to grow older, he sees that the world is not always so beautiful.

In the winter, hunters come into the woods and kill many of Bambi’s animal friends and family, including his mother. Loss and pain become a regular part of Bambi’s life; a stark contrast to the idyllic days of his youth. Bambi may feel alone, but in the shadows of the forest lies a wise old stag who will not only save Bambi’s life, but will also lead him to hope even in the face of immeasurable loss.

This story reminds us that even when the world feels overrun with danger and evil, we have a Heavenly Father who sees, loves, and cares for us.

Content Warning:

This book may not be for sensitive readers. The storyline follows the life cycle of living things in the forest. There are several, detailed scenes throughout the book depicting death, mostly of plants and animals but also one of a man. The mating rituals and desires of animals are also mentioned and alluded to, though not in graphic detail (Chapters 12-15).

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