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Beneath the Swirling Sky: The Restorationists Book 1

By Carolyn Leiloglou

“Art expresses beauty and truth… It’s a gift. It’s meant to be experienced and interacted with, not used. That’s what’s so gross about what the Distorionists do. They use art instead of making it or even enjoying it. They turn art into propaganda.”

– Georgia, Beneath the Swirling Sky

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Fantasy


Friendship, Family, Art, Gifts and Purpose, Adventure, Faith, Adoption, Mystery


8 – 12 years


When Vincent and his adopted sister, Lili, are sent to their Great Uncle Leo’s home during the summer holidays, Vincent is irked and adamant that this ploy to get him to love art again will be fruitless. It’s been over 18 months since he felt humiliated while sharing his paintings at school, and he promised himself that no matter what, he would not believe his mother’s declaration that he was a gifted and great artist. To make matters worse, his weird homeschooled cousin, Georgia, who seems to live and breathe art, is also at Uncle Leo’s house.

Vincent decides he’ll escape into his video games for the summer when Lili suddenly disappears into one of the world’s most famous paintings! Vincent doesn’t seem to care about much, but he is fiercely loyal and protective of Lili. He will do whatever it takes to rescue his sister, including magically travelling through paintings with his cousin Georgia and protecting art from the evil villains trying to use it for their wicked purposes.

This is an exciting and powerful transformation story about a young boy whose life is given purpose and hope through friendship and art. Vincent learns important lessons about the power of beauty, the wickedness of using art and talent for personal gain, and that judging others based on appearances is unwise.

Content Warning:

Mild language: Heck/Idiot

Mention of grandparents dying in a fire, the children travel through a painting with nude people and Vincent mentions his discomfort. Vincent struggles with how his mother had kept secrets from him, and how she affirmed the painting which others teased him about, and he beleives she’s lied to him. He focuses on this idea of his mother “lying” to him repeatedly.

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