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Drake Hall: The Secrets of Ormdale, Book 2

By Christina Baehr

“In Ormdale we live in the narrow margin between truth and legend. It is not always easy to discern which is which .” 

– Helena Drake, Drake Hall

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Book Summary


Cosy Mystery/Fantasy Fiction


Friendship, Influence, Manipulation and Opression, Poverty, Prejuidces, Duty, Secrets


13 years +


After deciding to prioritise her family, newfound friendships, and duty to the people and dragons of the hidden valley of Ormdale, Edith Worms is settling into her role as Worm Warden at Wormwood Abbey.

Despite the steep learning curve, Edith finds her heart and desires tangled up in her calling as a Marsi (healer of dragon poison) and longs to discover as much as possible about the fascinating creatures now under her care.  

Edith is grateful to have formed a mentoring relationship with Helena, Simon’s mother and a fellow Marsi. Still, as she begins uncovering scandalous family secrets and discovers signs of a dragon poacher lurking on her land, she knows she must keep her wits about her and lean into the friendships she can trust. Simon proves to be an unexpected and reliable close companion to Edith and, much to her discomfort, an appealing suitor.

Book Two in the Secrets of Ormdale continues to be a spellbinding tale of friendship, secrets, adventure and blossoming romance.

Content Warning *contains minor spoiler*:

It is discovered that a girl in the employment of Edith’s uncle was taken advantage of and, as a result, becomes an unmarried mother with an illegitimate child. The act is not described, but Edith’s disdain for the rape and violence is apparent. I believe this is discussed in a way mature teens will manage, and I encourage safe adults to discuss these issues with their readers.

Prejudices; mentions of violence and women being violated in a massacre against Jewish people.

Mentions of abusive fathers, slavery, and people being kidnapped.

A young girl is bitten by a dragon and almost dies.

Mentions of dragons mating.

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