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Ember Rising (Book #3)

By S. D. Smith

“I defy the darkness, will to it never bow,

  and to this resistance, add the old vow:

  My place beside you, my blood for yours,

  Till the Green Ember rises or the end of the


– The Resistance

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Fantasy Series


Indoctrination, Slavery, Totalitarianism, Storytelling, Hope, Remembrance, Resistance and Courage


8 -12 years


The Cloud Mountain rabbits have been forced to flee after a brutal attack that has left many rabbits injured and dead. Another blow is imminent, and their only chance of survival is to separate and regroup in the safer secret citadels. 

While Princess Emma is sent to safety, Picket and Helmer travel to Harbone Citadel, where they intend to convince the rabbits to rally together and take back First Warren.

Heather, in a daring and self-sacrificing act, has taken Emma’s place and been carried off to Akolan where she is dropped by an eagle into the Lepers’ District.

This dark and fearsome land is ruled by the lord of prey Morbin and his loyal servant rabbits, the Longtreaders, led by Ambassador Garten. As Victory Day approaches, Heather learns of Morbin’s sickening plot for the event, and, along with her parents, must try and save the young rabbits of Akolan.

This is a story that explores the cruel nature of evil – from the branding preymarks the rabbits are forced to wear around their necks, to the indoctrination and sacrificing of the young– the ugliness and utter disregard for life by the Lords of Prey, and those rabbits who cower under them – is exposed.

This glimpse into darkness makes the light of the story’s heroes all the brighter. And while evil has won battles in the past, the Mended Wood will triumph; those who resist and fight, for the good of rabbitkind, do so by remembering what it is they are fighting for, by focusing on love and beauty, and by bravely doing the extraordinary.

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” – John 1:5 NLT

Content Warning:

The wolves and lords of prey (eagles) are cruel and vicious and may scare young or sensitive readers. Being a story about the battle between good and evil, there is age-appropriate violence and talk about war, as well as loss, suffering grief, torture, and death. Throughout book 3, young rabbits are indoctrinated by traitorous rabbits loyal to Morbin, and there is a discussion of young rabbits sacrificed as a part of lord Mobrin’s wicked victory day feast (fortunately the resistance saves the day and the young rabbits are not sacrificed).

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