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Ember Falls (Book #2)

By S. D. Smith

“Battle on, friends… For the Mended Wood and the whole wounded world. Bear the flame.”

– Emma

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Fantasy, Series


Trust, Grief and Loss, Betrayal, Influence, Hope, and Storytelling


8 – 12 years


After Heather and Picket’s daring and dangerous adventure in The Green Ember, they have now found community and a sense of belonging at Halfwind Citadel. Picket, now a famous warrior after his flying rescue of Jupiter Smalls, is training with the Fowlers – a group of expert fighters led by Master Helmer -and Heather has overcome her fear and is now the Scribe of the Cause – a master storyteller – and healer, working alongside her best friend Emma in the hospital.

After a failed rescue attempt to free the enslaved rabbits in Morbin’s possession, the group of rabbits – who have become like a family to one another – are separated as Smalls and Uncle Wilfred journey to Kingston to rally the rabbits against the lords of prey.  

An attack on Halfwind Citadel by the lords of prey and their wicked wolf allies is imminent, but when a foreboding army of large rabbits is scouted and discovered heading their way, the rabbits try not to despair and rally together once more to bear the flame! 

Amidst whispers of treachery, rebellion, and a bloody war, Heather and Picket must continue must seek the truth. Who can they trust? How can they protect Jupiter’s heir? How can they find the strength to keep going when the world feels so dark and hope is almost lost? This is a story that focuses our gaze on the unseen hope of a bright future. Dwelling in the tension of the now-but-not-yet, the rabbits of Cloud Mountain live faithful lives, believing in King Jupiter’s vision of the Mended Wood. The rabbits role model courage, resilience, fruitful fellowship with one another, and display sacrificial love. This tale beautifully echoes the greatest story ever told and reminds the reader of the very real hope we have in Heaven.

Content Warning:

The wolves and lords of prey (eagles) are cruel and vicious, and may scare young or sensitive readers. Being a story about the battles between good and evil, there is age-appropriate violence and talk about war, as well as loss, suffering grief, and death.

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