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By Johanna Spyri

“You see, the dear Lord is a good Father to us all! He always knows what is good for us, if we do not know it.”

– Johanna Spyri

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Book Summary


Children’s Literature


Friendship, Family, Trusting God, Forgiveness, Beauty


8 – 12 years


Heidi is an orphan in need of a home. She is sent to live with her grandfather, who is rumored to be an extremely unpleasant recluse. Heidi quickly realizes that, deep down, her grandfather is a good man with a great ability to care for others. She falls in love with the mountains and is happier staying with grandfather than she has ever been.

After a few years, Heidi is unfortunately tricked into leaving the mountains to live in Frankfurt as a companion to a child who is lonely and sick (Clara). She grows to love Clara and her family, but is never able to forget her grandfather or the mountains she left behind. Through an act of kindness, she is able to return home, but we find that through each step of the journey, Heidi was actually right where she needed to be.

This story is about trusting God’s plan for us, even when our circumstances are less than ideal. It is also about loving people, regardless of their history or reputation, and finding ways to show kindness, whether or not it is deserved.

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