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Lepunia: Kingdom of the Gallopers

By Kevin T. Ford

“Not for me, but for you.
For the good and for the true,
‘Til we meet ‘Neath the Lonely Tree
And Lepunia awakens!”

– Lepunia Rabbits

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Book Summary


Children’s Fantasy Fiction


Gifts and Service, Tradition, Coming of Age, Glory, Good Sportsmanship, Home, Belonging, Freedom, Responsibility, Folk Stories and Cautionary Tales and Leadership


7 years +


Jackson Swift wants to follow in his beloved grandfather’s footsteps and become a Lepunia Galloper; a prestigious position within the jackrabbit community that offers protection for the rabbits in the kingdom and glory for the individuals who commit to defending Lepunia against all foes.

Each year, on the night of the Founding Day, the fastest young rabbits are recruited into the Gallopers, and Jackson, being the fastest rabbit for his age, knows that glory is within his reach.

Yet, unbeknownst to the Gallopers of Lepunia, a fierce and frightful enemy lurks nearby, awaiting the right moment to strike and take down the kingdom.

When all hope seems lost, Jackson, along with his loyal friends Lily and Fluff, must fight against the darkness and find courage for the battle. They’re not alone, for Swiftness is working all together for their good, and as the jackrabbits encounter friends and foes along their way, the prophecy from long ago proves true.

From ashes heroes arise, and hope breaks through the darkness!

Content Warning:

This is a story about the battle between good and evil. There is an age-appropriate exploration of the wickedness of evil (violence, war, suffering, grief, torture, and death), however, there is also much goodness, truth, and beauty. There are also relational struggles within a father-son relationship. I’d suggest from 7 years up for a family read aloud, or 9 years and above for independent reading.

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