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Little Pilgrim’s Progress

By Helen Taylor

“There is a beautiful country… far away from this city. A very good and wise King rules over it, who loves little children dearly.”

– Woman with the gentle face

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Allegory


Influence, Pilgrimage, Redemption, Perseverance and Friendship


8 -12 years


Little Christian lives in the city of Destruction, but his heart yearns and hopes for more. He’s heard tales of the good King and the Celestial City, but it’s not until he encounters Evangelist that he begins his journey as a pilgrim along the Way of the King to the Celestial City.

In this classic allegory and re-telling of John Bunyan’s Pilgrims Progress, Christian meets characters who encourage his pilgrimage and represent faithful servants of the good King such as Hopeful, Faithful, and Goodwill, as well as characters who are servants of the Wicked Prince (whether they know it or not), such as Worldy, Sloth, and the Giant who are meant to lead him astray or harm him.

Beautifully illustrated by Joe Sutphin, Christian is a rabbit and there are numerous other types of animals such as cats, squirrels, otters, and toads.

This story is about “the highs and lows of the Christian journey through life and the ultimate reward: eternity with Christ.”

Content Warning:

One of Christian’s traveling companions is martyred in Vanity Fair, and some of the Wicked Prince’s servants (such as the Giant), may scare sensitive children.

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