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My Refuge

Four Girls from Around the World, Imprisoned by Circumstances but Pursued by Hope

By Ashley Al Saliby

“Maybe I will die tomorrow, but what will I do with today?… It’s like David said in Psalms. In the face of evil what do we do? We trust the Lord and do good.”

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Book Summary


 Young adult Christian contemporary fiction


Faith in God, peer pressure, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, fear


13-17 years


Eden, Katya, Zahra, and Mei are four teenage girls living across the globe. Each girl has a struggle of a different kind, but they all experience fear, anxiety, and isolation. Eden, Katya, and Mei have a relationship with God that is the source of their strength in their trial, though it takes the wisdom of other believers to help them walk in their faith. Zahra is a Muslim refugee from Syria, but while helping a neighbor in exchange for math lessons, she discovers an Injeel, which is the New Testament.

Zahra begins to learn about Jesus, seeking answers and understanding thanks to her neighbor and friend.

Each girl will come to a crisis of faith, find encouragement in other believers, and begin to rely on God in their time of need.

Content Warning:

One girl is pressured to send photos of herself online, and is sent a photo that is not described but can be inferred that it is lewd. This is handled delicately and teaches an excellent lesson in online dangers and how to handle them.

War, bombing, and anxiety attacks are also mentioned.

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