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The Girl on the Tube

By Rachel Allord

“It’s a bumpy ride, I know. Chin up. You’re going to make it. You’re going to be alright.”

– The Lady in the Green Hat

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Book Summary


Young Adult Fiction


Friendship, Emotions, Suffering & Loss, Belonging, Home, Growing Up


10-16 years


🌷About the Book…

Addie is a 12-year-old girl whose life has been totally uprooted in a cross-cultural move. Leaving her beloved Wisconsin behind for the bustling and loud London, this story explores the experience of a tween desiring to belong and find a place to call home while feeling like a human jigsaw puzzle with pieces of her heart trailing behind her and the most crucial pieces, lost to eternity. But Addie is determined, resilient and curious. Who is the mysterious lady in the green hat who shows up on the tube? And why does she arrive at the right moment when Addie is missing her home, and her mother the most?

This is a touching and relatable story about growing up, finding a place to belong and learning to embrace our lives, even through the unexpected.

🌷What I Liked…

Addie Brown is such a relatable leading character. I found myself cheering her on and wanting to see her succeed. The author does a brilliant job of tackling common tween/teen issues, and Addie’s hair issues – which mask so many deeper issues – is the most tender and relatable part of her. I could see so much of my young self in this sweet, somewhat selfish, and heartbroken young heroine who just wants to be loved and accepted for who she is.

🌷This Book is for you if…

You’re into realistic fiction with a dash of mystery. While I’d say this is a mostly character driven story, it strikes a nice balance between character and plot progression as the story twists and turns. This book covers important topics that can be heavy, however the writing style is casual and Rachel is delicate when addressing these topics. All of the above makes it a very easy book to read; overall it’s a great story for a tween or teen to relax into.

Content Warning:

Bullying, Dead parent and displaced people.

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