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The Looking-Glass Illusion

By Sara Ella

“Solve the riddle, slay the Jabberwock, find the king”

– Chess

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Book Summary


Fiction Novel, Fantasy


Friendship, Betrayal, Love, Fear, Quest, Belief, Faith


13 years +


The mediocre and Normal life Alice once lived is long gone. Alice, now a Wonder through faith, is stranded alone in the dreaded Tulgey wood, pursued by the Jabberwock, and desperate to be reunited with her fellow Heart Team members. So far they have made their way through the first set of Wonderland Trials, managing to stay alive and gain one another’s trust, and have now entered the formidable Heart Trial, where their faith and courage will be tested as they seek to “Solve the riddle, slay the Jabberwock, find the king.”

Alice must seek the looking-glass memories hidden throughout the Heart Trial by her mother; these memories are the key to putting all of the pieces together and finding the answers to all of her questions.  Separated from her team, the only thing Alice has to help her is her belief and faith in Wonderland.

This story is about faith in the unknown, belief in the impossible, betrayal, overcoming fear, and the wonders of a topsy-turvy and whimsical world that brilliantly echoes Carol Lewis’ Wonderland! 

Content Warning:

During the final battle in the story, some key characters are significantly injured. The battle scenes are described in an age-appropriate way.

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