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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane 

By By Kate DiCamillo

“If you have no intention of loving or being loved, then the whole journey is pointless.”

– A Old Doll

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Book Summary


Children’s Literature, Aventure Fiction


True Love, Compassion, Loss and Recovery, Humility


7 – 12 years


Edward Tulane is a China doll rabbit who is loved by a young girl named Abilene. Edward is a selfish toy who thinks very highly of himself. Though he can’t talk or move independently, he can watch and listen to what’s happening around him. He spends his days receiving Abilene’s love and attention until he’s accidentally thrown overboard during an ocean voyage to England. He experiences his first genuine and true emotion on the bottom of the ocean floor.

After many months, a fisherman rescues Edward during a storm, and Edward begins a miraculous journey on land. Along the way, he meets interesting people, some who are kind and some who are cruel. As Edward experiences many different trials and triumphs, he learns important lessons about life and love. Humility and heartbreak soften his heart and prepare him for what the future holds. 

This is a beautiful story of how the breaking of a heart can lead to wholeness, true love, and home. 

Content Warning:

While this book ends on a wonderful, uplifting note, much of the story is quite sad. Edward suffers many trials, a neglectful father smacks a child, someone kicks a dog, and a little girl dies from an illness. There are glimpses of hope throughout as the reader witnesses Edward’s heart transformation, but sensitive readers may find it too emotionally upsetting. 

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