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The Rescuers

By Margery Sharp

“Mice are all for people being free, so that they too can be freed form their eternal task of cheering prisoners–so that they can stay snug at home, nibbling the family cheese, instead of sleeping out in damp straw on a diet of stale bread.”                   

– Margery Sharp, The Rescuers

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Book Summary


Children’s Modern Classic, Fiction, Fantasy, Novel


Friendship, Cooperation, Courage, Social Class


6 -12 years


When three mice are recruited by the ‘Prisoners Aid Society’ to rescue a poor languishing Norwegian Poet, they must overcome many obstacles – including a villainous cat named Mamelouk – to complete their harrowing quest!   

Putting aside their differences in social class, the three courageously break into the impenetrable fortress of the Black Castle. Each member of the rescue mission grows and learns new things along the way, ultimately returning home as heroes and rewarded with a silver medal, the highest distinguishment among the mice and Prisoners Aid Society.

This story is about overcoming impossibly hard obstacles, cooperation, loyalty, friendship and courage.

Content Warning:

Miss Bianca is a stereotypical female character who uses her charm to succeed. However, her virtues do strengthen throughout the book, and her behaviour is not necessarily portrayed as a good type of ‘femininity’.

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