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The Saturdays

By Elizabeth Enright

“We can call it The Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club. In front of people we can speak of it by its initials. I.S.A.A.C.”

– Rush, The Saturdays

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Book Summary


Children’s Fiction, Series


Family, Assumptions, Hard Work, Simple Fun, Adventure


8 -12 years


The I.S.A.A.C (Independent Saturday Afternoon Adventure Club), an idea birthed by the four Melendy children, one tiresome and boring Saturday afternoon, becomes a way for the children to pool their resources to go on the adventures they’ve been dreaming of. Deciding they will take turns to spend the whole sum of their allowances, the children begin to make every Saturday one to remember! From art galleries to the orchestra, the circus and a beauty salon, the children fulfil their heart’s desires as they work together to fund the club.

This story is about family, hard work, simple fun and learning not to judge a book (or person!) by their cover.

Content Warning:

Kidnapping and a scene with a dishonest fortune teller who reads tarot cards – she is presented as wicked.

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