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The Songs of a Warrior, Saul and David: A Retelling

By Katy Morgan

“God had chosen David to be the king-but in the end he was just a stepping stone to somebody else. Someone who’d come later. Someone who’d be called God’s son. God’s son! A king like me, and not like me, David marvelled. A king like God himself. No weaknesses. No sin. Just perfect godliness. A perfect kingdom. And this king was going to come from David’s family. And he was going to rule for ever. David’s face burst into a grin. He felt very small, and very happy.”

– Katy Morgan

Book Summary


Children’s Biblical Fiction


Friendship, Betrayal, Loyalty, Worship, Faith, Isreal’s History, Sin


Read Aloud: ages 6 +
Independent Reading 8 +


⚔️About the Book…
This is biblical fiction at its absolute best! Through dramatic and vivid storytelling, Katy builds the world in which Saul and David occupied so beautifully, bringing to life the plots, betrayals, battles, friendships, songs of worship, and overall, the journey of the man after God’s own heart – King David of Israel.

❤️What I Loved…
There are so many helpful resources at the back of the book. I especially love the chapter by chapter Bible references so children can flick between the storybook and Bible to compare and learn 👏🏻

📚This Book is for you if…
You’re a fan of biblical fiction, want to delve deeper into David’s story in a fun way, or just want to enjoy a wholesome page-turning book with your kids.

Content Warning:

War violence & Death (this may be difficult for sensitive children. The level of detail is less graphic then reading from the actual Bible)

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