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The Trumpet of the Swan

E. B. White

“The camp is proud of Louis. He is a great trumpet player, a great bird, a powerful swimmer, and a fine friend.”

– Mr Brickle, The Trumpet of the Swan

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Book Summary


Children’s Literature, Fiction Novel, Fantasy


Friendship, Redemption, Perseverance, Beauty, Love, Disability,


8 – 12 years


Young Trumpeter Swan, Louis, is determined to find his voice. But unlike his brothers and sisters, who trumpet joyfully, Louis cannot make a sound.

Louis’s talkative father, Cob, longs for his son to live a happy life. When Louis falls in love with beautiful Serena – who pays no attention to Louis – Cob has the idea that will change everything; Louis must have a brass trumpet which will be his voice! 

This story is about overcoming the challenges of disability, loyalty, friendship, redemption and making amends, as well as the beauty and power of music. 

Content Warning:

Louis’s father refers to him as being “dumb” (speechless). Louis’s love interest Serena is a stereotypical female character without much substance.

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