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This Seat’s Saved

By Heather Holleman

“It’s like there were two of me: the fox girl and the girl who wanted a seat at the popular table.”

– Elita

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Book Summary


Juvenile Fiction, Novel


Friendship, Growing Up, Bullying, Social Media, Rejection, Belonging, Faith


11 years +


Elita is on the cusp of thirteen, and about to begin the worst time of her life. As the first day of seventh grade looms close, her two besties are talking about social blow-ups, boys, make-up and hanging out, while Elita’s young and vibrant imagination is caught up in her beloved backyard forest and the wonders of nature. Elita wants to be free to play, but her friends seem adamant about growing up. Elita realises very quickly on day one, that she has failed all of the unspoken rules of seventh grade… and the ultimate rejection comes when she boldly seeks a seat at the table with her best friends, only to discover “this seat’s saved.”

This is a beautiful tale of a girl who is reluctant to grow up, who desires a seat at the table, yet feels most like her truest self wandering in the magical forest behind her home.

Elita wonders if seventh grade will be the end of her, but through the gift of new friendships, an old lady, and a mysterious fox, Elita discovers a secret to keep in her heart… the kind of secret that’s best shared with others.

Content Warning:

Bullying: A young girl harms herself and blames another girl with the intention to get her victim expelled from school.

Negative thoughts: The main character Elita struggles with feelings of worthlessness and rejection.

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