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Urchin of the Riding Stars: The Mistmantle Chronicles, Book 1

By M.I. McAllister   

“May the Heart keep you, Urchin of the Riding Stars. May the Heart guide you, guard you, nourish you, enlighten you. And may the great love of the Heart bring you safely back to Mistmantle.”

– Brother Fir, Mistmantle Chronicles

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Book Summary


Fantasy Fiction, Series, Quest


Friendship, Good verse Evil, Sanctity of Life, Loyalty, Belonging


8 – 12 years


Urchin is a young squirrel living on Mistmantle, an island protected by the ‘Heart’ and surrounded by mysterious mists. Abiding in peace with fellow talking otters, moles and hedgehogs, Urchin has struggled to know where he belongs, having arrived in Mistmantle years prior during the evening of Riding stars, a wonder known for coinciding with significant events.

Despite being young, Urchin is brave, and when his hero Captain Crispin requests that Urchin be his page, he jumps at the opportunity. However, on his first day of duty, it’s discovered that the young prince has been murdered during the night, and Urchin’s beloved hero Crispin is exiled.

Urchin must fulfil an ancient prophecy and rescue Mistmantle from great evil and a wicked plot to overthrow the King.

This story is about good overcoming evil, heroes and villains, ancient prophecies, and the value of life.

Content Warning:

There are some scary scenes that may distress sensitive children. Animals with disabilities are “culled” by the evil ruler, and this raises important issues surrounding the sanctity of life.

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