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Wormwood Abbey: The Secrets of Ormdale, Book 1

By Christina Baehr

“This is a wild countryside and anything might happen. Here be dragons.”

– Reverend George E. Worms

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Book Summary


Fantasy Fiction, Gothic, Mystery, Series


Friendship, Duty, Family, Secrets, History


12 years +


🌷About the Book…

Edith Worms has a knack for uncovering mysteries. Edith is an uncharacteristically intelligent and plucky clergyman’s daughter who thinks she’s got her life and family figured out. That is until a letter arrives from estranged family members heralding herself and her family back to the mysterious Wormwood Abbey, a gothic-looking mansion hidden amongst the Yorkshire Dales. Edith quickly discovers things are not what they seem and that she may have an important role to play at Wormwood Abbey.

This is a charming and mysterious tale about a girl, her mythical salamander, a quest for friendship, and a revelation of a secretive and unexpected family legacy.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

🌷What I Loved…

Edith is a heroine whom I simply adore and she is perfect in all her imperfections. Reminding me of Lizzie Bennet, she is bold, intelligent, witty, and courageous. She has a naturally cheerful disposition and is able to heartily laugh at herself. She is not blind to her imperfections of pride and self-centeredness and as we follow her journey, we love her all the more for her honest critique of herself.

🌷This Book is for you if…

You’re into cozy, mysterious and gothic YA fiction. While I’d say this is a mostly character driven story, it strikes the perfect balance between character and plot progression as the mysterious story develops and general intrigue increases. This makes the book a perfect one to rest into; you are cheering the characters on while eagerly (but not anxiously!) turning the pages 👏🏻

Content Warning:

Language: idiot and For God’s Sake

Prejudices against women and Jewish people from a villianous character.

Mild Violence: dead body, kiddenapping, dragon bite/injury.

Religious: Christian perspective. Wormwood Abbey has tapestries and paintings that show pagan people worshiping serpents/dragons, these also include pictures of human sacrifice.

Edith mentions her mother has had miscarriages.

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