Author: Amanda Dykes

  • Born of Gilded Mountains

    Born of Gilded Mountains

    “A lost treasure. A riddled quest. The healing power of friendship.”

  • Set The Stars Alight

    Set The Stars Alight

    “I think it’s our duty to keep the stories, to pass them on. It is our duty — and our honor. In a world as dark as ours, we — that is, people — forget how to see the light. So we remind them by telling the truth, fighting the dark, paying attention… setting the…

  • Whose Waves These Are

    Whose Waves These Are

    The stunningly beautiful yet simple message of Amanda’s book, ‘Whose Waves These Are’ is; ‘look up’. When we’re suffering grief beyond what our souls can bear, ‘look up’. When our relationships seem too broken, when all hope seems lost, when everything we hold close to our hearts has been ripped away, when we’ve failed those…